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About us

Tartak elektryczny 1915 We are a company with traditions and experience which satisfies highest customer demands and offers top-quality products. “Tartak Elektryczny” headed by Maria and Ryszard Lewandowscy was founded in 1915 and is a family business that has been owned for generations. The founder and first owner was Maksymilian Litewski, Ryszard’s grandfather. Today, the company operates on an area of almost two hectares. We own production halls, advanced machinery and a big and efficient wood veneer drying house. It allows “Tartak Elektryczny” to meet customer demands. The sawmill produces various types of top-quality woodworking, building and construction timber. Our products meet polish PN-EN standards and hold required strength certificates. We produce natural timber and wood veneer for the Polish market and export our products to many European countries.
      At the start of the 20th century our offer was extended by the production of natural wood veneer in the form of veneers and linings (sliced lengthwise). In 2002, we created a production line of 2mm thick and 4 metres long natural veneers. Natural linings produced in our factory are 4mm thick and 4 metres long. Timber is cut rotary to get rotary-cut veneer, and sliced lengthwise. Furniture veneer available in our standard offer (A-C classes) is produced from oak, beech, pine, birch, ash and other types of wood. We process materials handed over by customers as well, including exotic wood of different hardness, provided it isn’t longer than 4 metres.

Tartak Elektryczny’s objective is:

High professionalism and top-quality products of the wood processing industry which satisfy highest customer demands and are delivered in accordance with expectations and on time.

Maria and Ryszard Lewandowscy’s Tartak Elektryczny means, above all, professionalism, tradition and experience. We have been on market for 100 years! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of natural veneers and linings.

Fornir łuszczka drewniana Okleina naturalna Zakład produkujący fornir